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Taliban destroyed ISIS hideouts in Afghanistan


Kabul: Security forces have killed 16 ISIS members and arrested 15 more in separate operations of the intelligence department against ISIS hideouts in Balkh, Nimroz and Faryab provinces.

As a result of the operation of the Taliban intelligence department on April 3, against the hideouts of ISIS in Naharshahi district of Balkh province, six ISIS members were killed.

According local media the Taliban intelligence department in Masoom Abad neighborhood, located in the third district of Zaranj city, the capital of Nimroz province, also conducted an operation against ISIS, as a result of which one of these hideouts was destroyed, 10 members of Daesh and three Taliban forces were also killed.

Meanwhile during these operations, six AK47 guns, quantities of explosives for making bombs and ammunition were also discovered.

The security operation against the ISIS terrorist group is taking place while two days ago, the intelligence officials of the Taliban arrested 15 ISIS members, including Ainuddin alias Muhammad Sahil from from Maimaneh city of Faryab province, who is responsible for the planning and attacks of ISIS in the northern provinces of Afghanistan,

According to Taliban information, Ainuddin was responsible for planning and carrying out ISIS suicide attacks on the Sedokan neighborhood, the Balkh Governer and the social cultural center of Tebyan in Mazar-e-Sharif city, and several other terrorist attacks in the northern provinces of Afghanistan.

ISIS activity continues in Afghanistan, while the Afghan authorities repeatedly denied the presence of elements of this group in Afghanistan after return to power.

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