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Taliban dismiss Pakistan’s terror allegations

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KABUL – In a renewed assertion of its sovereignty, the interim administration of the Taliban has once again rebuffed Pakistan’s assertions regarding the “security situation” within Afghanistan’s borders. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Kabul-based administration, emphatically rejected the claims made by Pakistani officials, deeming them “baseless.”

Mujahid took to Twitter to reinforce the Taliban’s stance, underlining their steadfast resolve to prevent the exploitation of Afghan territory for activities against any foreign nation. He urged for direct communication between the concerned parties, stating, “If there is any concern, it should be shared with the officials of the Islamic Emirate face to face, rather than making unnecessary claims in the media and confusing people’s minds.” It is noteworthy that the Taliban refers to its governance as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

This exchange follows Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s call for the Afghan interim government to honor its commitment to prevent “terrorist” groups from operating on its soil. Zardari extended Islamabad’s offer of assistance in quelling the “menace of terrorism.” Addressing a gathering at the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad, he underscored the expectation that the Afghan administration upholds its obligations outlined in the 2020 Doha agreement, a pact made with the international community.

The resurgence of terrorist incidents subsequent to the Taliban’s resurgence to power in August 2021 has raised concerns. Zardari cautioned that Islamabad retains the right to “respond” if such attacks persist. However, Kabul, in response to Pakistan’s allegations, has urged for a path of peace rather than confrontation. The spokesperson, Mujahid, emphasized the detrimental implications of such claims for both nations and their people.

As Afghanistan navigates its delicate transitional phase, the issue of territorial integrity remains a focal point. The rejection of external assertions by the Taliban underscores their determination to assert control over Afghanistan’s internal affairs and safeguard the nation’s sovereignty. With tensions simmering between neighboring Pakistan and the interim Afghan government, the evolution of this relationship will undoubtedly impact regional dynamics in the foreseeable future.

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