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“Taliban don’t have the capacity to beat Afghan security forces”

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Resolute Support Mission and the US forces commander in Afghanistan Gen. John F. Campbell has said that there is no way that the Taliban can defeat the Afghan national security forces.

He made the remarks at a session held at Brooking Institution at Washington DC on Tuesday.

He said the Afghan forces had been experiencing a high level of casualties but at the meantime they have incurred high casualties on insurgents.

He said the brave and young Afghan forces has successfully managed to keep the Taliban at bay and not letting them gain control over districts or towns as was the case earlier.

However, he expressed concern over high rate of deserting among Afghan security forces, and said that thousands of the soldiers are deserting their posts every month.

“They just need the right leadership to stay in the army. There is no question about their patriotism,” he said. “We are also trying to make them accountable,” he said in response to a question on high casualty rate and retention.

He said the US forces are mostly engaged in advising and training the Afghan security forces. For the long haul, the focus needs to be on aviation, intelligence, maintenance and sustenance.

Campbell added that the end of this fighting session, he would present his assessment about the future of US presence in Afghanistan to the American leadership.

He praised the National Unity Government and said they complemented each others, working in close association for the safety, security, development and peace of the country. “They understand the national unity government is the way to go.”

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