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“Taliban escalate assaults as leverage on peace talks”

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KABUL: Aimed escalation of complex attack by the Taliban group against Afghan security forces, some political pundits say the group further engaged in assault just to take more leverage on current peace push from US just after Washington’s peace envoy and Taliban member concluded their fifth round of talks in Qatar.

There is no breakthrough in the ongoing peace efforts, the political pundits said, while the Taliban fighters have intensified attacking military personnel and their installations. 

A political analyst, Halimullah Kowsari said extremist group would not halt to their subversive activities, even hell-bent in its exaggeration to further terrorize the people.

“This year, both sides (Afghan forces and Taliban fighters) have tried well to compete each other in a bid to exhibit strengthens and improvements of military tactics as both warring parties abused war achievements in the name of peace talks and tried well to have an open hand on each other,” he said.

Each year, Taliban group comes up with new spring offensive with new anti-government slogans, Kowsari said, adding so far nothing has come from them, but the government has announced solar year military operation against Taliban and other terrorist outlets, titled “Khalid”.

Meanwhile, Graeme Smith advisor of the International Crisis Group said ideological season to carry war has changed, for instance, he put winter attacks of the Taliban as a visible fact.

According to him, Taliban fighters don’t await snow’s melting, as they can carry attack and return to their homes which is nearby.

He also expressed his deepest concerns as Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters are more engaged against each other than considering peace. “Such trends could further jeopardize the so-called hope for peace.”

Furthermore, Nasrullah Stanikzai an instructor for the Kabul University obtains similarly idea, saying in the face of prolongation of peace talks, the Afghan security forces and Taliban fighter would not go for limitation of war—ceasefire is far from discussion.

“I think the Taliban would bolster up war because they want to take leverages in the peace talks, and the same issue applies to the Afghan security forces,” he said.

He believes escalation in the ongoing war would not damage them, but it really does the Afghan masses.

Since peace talks brokered by US kicked off, the Taliban group time and again emphasized over US troop’s withdrawal, terming it as the main obstacles ahead of peace talks.

Recently, US and Taliban greed on four points—US troops pullout, Afghan soil will not use against any country, ceasefire and intra-Afghan talks—something the Taliban always rejected to meet with Afghan officials.

Washington’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalamy Khalilzad is in Afghanistan at the moment, where he held talks with Afghan president and other high-ranking officials, including political parties and influential fingers.

Khalilzad embarked on his peace mission, where returned Afghanistan after discussing Afghan issues with Belgium officials.

President Ashraf Ghani held a candid discussion with a group of prominent Afghan leaders along with Khalilzad. “Our discussions were focused on the peace efforts, including the next steps in the process, in order to end the bloodshed in Afghanistan.”

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