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Taliban furious at US for plans to keep residual troops

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KABUL: The Taliban militants have threatened to attack on the US troops in case they stay back after Washington pulls its soldiers out of Afghanistan.

The Associated Press reported this week that the United States plans to keep 650 troops for the security of its diplomatic bodies in Afghanistan.

The United States is exiting its 2,500 troops. The withdrawal process would end by September 11, according to US officials. But reports say of acceleration of the process, adding that all the American troops will leave Afghanistan in July.

“If the United States continues its presence, we keep the rights of reaction,” Taliban’s political spokesman Sohail Shahin told Al Jazeera.

The US officials stated that the withdrawal would complete within two weeks, but 650 soldiers would remain in the war-hit country to provide security for their diplomats.

According to reports, hundreds of other US troops will stay in Afghanistan until September to help Turkish troops who are planned to replace them for security of Kabul airport.

The US officials who were speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to media, said Saturday that all the US and other NATO allies would pull their troops from Afghanistan by July 4 or later.

The foreign forces are leaving Afghanistan after 20 years while Taliban insurgents have already accelerated attacks on the Afghan defense and security forces across the country. The militants claim to have taken control of 100 districts from government forces in different provinces.

The government forces reportedly abandon their posts to Taliban fighters without any resistance.

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