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Taliban have likely access to modern weapons, say experts

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KABUL: Political and military analysts say that Taliban would have been able to get access to sophisticated arms, if so, worrying of intensifying of war.

The concerns come a day after a US military plane crashed Monday in Ghazni province, with an Afghan army helicopter making emergency landing on the same day in the adjacent province of Paktika.

The US plane crashed in a Taliban-held area in the Deh Yak district. The insurgents are feared to have downed it.

Military expert, Omar Safi said Tuesday that political situations are in a transformation regionally and globally. He added that Taliban fighters had likely received sophisticated weaponries to help them jeopardize air traffic.

Taliban claimed that

He called immediate investigations over the crash as necessary, asking the ministry of defense to declare stance over the incident.

The US military in Afghanistan said the crash did not happen by “enemy firing”.

Taliban claimed to have downed Afghan army’s chopper in the Sharan city, provincial capital of Paktika and the US plane that crashed in the Sadokhil area of Ghazni.

Safi said that Monday’s incidents show that proxy war had reached at its peak.

Military analysts also called for investigations over Taliban’s access to modern weapons.

Officials in the ministry of defense have not yet commented.

According to reports, four army helicopters have crashed in different provinces in the past one month, as the Taliban-US peace deal has postponed.

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