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Taliban heap scorn on a possible US presence in region

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KABUL: Officials of the Islamic Emirate on Thursday took umbrage at efforts of the United States to reinforce its and NATO’s presence in the region.

“Military presence of US or NATO forces in any of Afghanistan’s neighbor countries could be precarious for all countries in the region,” said deputy spokesman of Islamic Emirate Ahmadulla Wasiq, adding that powerful countries must not use force to secure military bases in the region.

“The US, NATO or any country which uses force and seeks a military presence in the region does not aid Afghanistan and regional countries,” said Ahmadullah Wasiq

Meanwhile, a number of political and military analysts believe that the construction of military bases in the region will not benefit Afghanistan.

The concerns of the Islamic Emirate come as the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov told Afghanistan’s neighbors to refuse to host US or NATO military forces.

“We call on Afghanistan’s neighbor countries not to allow a military presence of U.S. and NATO forces which plan to move there after leaving Afghan territory,” Lavrov said.

Sergei Lavrov made his remarks on Wednesday via a live feed at the Tehran meeting held to discuss Afghanistan’s situation.

In the meantime, Reuters reported Thursday that China is financially supporting the construction of an outpost for a special forces unit of Tajikistan’s police near the Tajik-Afghan border, Tajikistan’s parliament said on Thursday.

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