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Taliban ‘hit hard’ by US airstrikes in Herat

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KABUL: Officials in the western province of Herat say that a great number of Taliban fighters were killed after the US air force targeted their positions around the provincial capital.

Taliban launched massive attacks on Herat city, provincial capital of the same name on Thursday. They managed to capture the Gozara district some 15 kilometers from Herat city where the provincial airport is located. The insurgents also entered parts of the provincial capital on Friday.

JilaniFarhad, provincial spokesman, said Saturday that the giant B-52 plane of the US air force dropped bombs on Taliban positions, claiming that 200 fighters were killed.

This was carried out to prevent Taliban’s advance into the city of Herat.

Neither the US troops nor Taliban officials made comments on the allegations.

The US air force confirmed last week it attacked Taliban targets in the provinces of Kandahar in the south and Kunduz in the north. Taliban vowed for retaliation.

Taliban attacked the United Nations office in Herat on Friday that was followed by international condemnations.

The government forces have pushed Taliban back from provincial capitals of Helmand, Takhar and Kunduz over the past 24 hours, government officials said.

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