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Taliban hold ties with al-Qaeda to continue killing of Afghans

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KABUL: The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), claims that Taliban’s attacks against the people of Afghanistan increased 37 per cent in the first quarter of 2021, arguing that the militant group has maintained ties with the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

The SIGAR said in a report that Taliban insurgents organized big offensives in the first three months of the ongoing year.

“The attacks have increased since Taliban signed a peace deal with the United States. The number of attacks increased this year 37 per cent comparing to the same period of time in 2020,” the report said Wednesday.

It said that information gathered by the NATO-led Resolute Support show that Taliban’s attacks had crossed the limits by the enemy.

According to the report, Taliban carried out 11,551 attacks in the current three months and the number of attacks was 10,431 in the past three months.

The report said that Taliban are getting prepared to carry out vast attacks on the provincial centers, complicated attacks against military bases and to weaken Afghan government forces.

It emphasized that al-Qaeda relies on Taliban and they have strengthened relations.

Taliban under the US peace deal are expected to cut ties with international terrorist groups specially al-Qaeda and reduce violence in the country.

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