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Taliban join peace process after losing authority: Mohaqiq

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The second deputy of Chief Executive Officer said the Taliban has joined the peace process after emergence of the Islamic State in the country as major opponent of the militant group.

Though, Mohammad Mohaqiq welcomed the recent round of formal peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban in Murree, but contributed it to recent security and political development in the country while saying that the Islamic State, also popular as Daesh, is replacing the Taliban.

In an interview with Tolo News the other day, he put his weight behind the peace process but said that previous rounds of the talks were fruitless.

“As per mine, Daesh is on the verge of replacing the Taliban, and they [the Taliban] are negotiating with us because they don’t have even the authority over their own houses. I am part of the government and the National Security Council, therefore I will [give the] nod on what is agreed by [the] majority. We are part of the process that the government is following. We don’t want to comment about its future now,” Tolo News quoted him as saying.

Daesh has been busy in capturing new areas and finding recruits as well as financial resources as part of its strategy to build muscles before engaging into full scale war with the Taliban insurgents. Earlier, in a show of might to upset the Taliban, the Islamic State has beheaded 10 Taliban fighters in Nangarhar.

Responding to a question, he said the Taliban would be called anti-state elements if they continue insurgency and brothers if they reconcile with the government.

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