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Taliban kill 12 passengers in Ghazni

AT-KABUL: The Taliban killed 12 passengers they had earlier kidnapped in Ghazni province in the past 24 hours, officials said Wednesday.

“12 passengers mostly police and soldiers were taken after being identified on the Kabul-Kandhar and Ghazni-Paktika highways yesterday,” Jawid Salangi, spokesman for the provincial police said.

He said that all of them were killed yesterday afternoon in Kamalkhil area of Andar district of Ghazni.

He said that Red Cross ambulance went to the area to bring dead bodies and investigation started over the case.

Taliban increased concentration over kidnapping people in high ways, recently Taliban had took off around 200 passengers from buses in Kunduz highway and gun down 10 of them in the area. Around 180 of them were released back by police and mediation of people, but still eight people are in Taliban hostage in the province.

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