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Taliban kill abducted Ghazni policewomen

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KABUL: The Taliban shod the two female police personnel, whom, the group earlier abducted in the central province of Ghazni, a source said on Monday.

According to the source, who was talking on condition of anonymity, the bodies of the police personnel were found in Kashk area of Ghazni’s capital city. The source said that the Red Cross has shifted the corps to the provincial hospital.

Two female police were abducted in first security district of Ghazni on Saturday that their names were Ozra and Maryam. Ozra and Maryam were arrested during returned from their job to home. The Taliban has not details about the event so far. This is com Ghazni province is the south east of country that is an insecure province. Many of the Ghazni cities are under the control if the Taliban.

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