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Taliban kill five civilians in Badakshan

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KABUL: At least five individuals, including a woman, have been gunned down by the Taliban insurgents on Sunday overnight in northeastern Badakhshan province, local officials and residents said Monday.

Modafi, a resident of Khastak village in Joram district of the province, told Radio Azadi during a telephonic conversation that those killed by Taliban insurgents were his relatives.

According to him, the Taliban even restrain from handing the dead bodies over to their families, instead dragged them into a mass grave. 

Meanwhile, Anayatullah, another kin of the slain, said two Taliban commanders were killed during prayer in Ramadan month by unknown gunmen. “Therefore, in retaliation, the insurgents took their revenge and shot down these five civilians.”

Nik Mohammad Nazari, Badakhshan Governor’s Spokesman, confirmed that five persons were killed for alleged involvement in the Taliban commanders’ case and for cooperation with the Afghan security forces.

A number of relatives of the victims said the Taliban also set ablaze the home of these people and their children took refuge in neighboring Baharak district and are waiting for humanitarian aid.

So far there is nothing from the Taliban insurgents in regard.

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