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Taliban kill, inure tens of civilians in Ghazni’s Malistan

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KABUL: Taliban militants have killed 27 civilians and injured 10 in Malestan district of Ghazni province since they captured the district last month, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission confirmed.

According to the commission, these people were killed and injured in different villages of Malestan, while the insurgents have also killed 21 militia men of the public uprising forces who had fought against the militants in the same district.

The Commission said Saturday that Taliban also looted some houses, shops, marketplaces and other business centers in Malestan.

“Taliban group deactivated communication networks and started house searching with the aim of finding government employees and members of public uprising force in the villages of Zardak, Shirdagh, Peshi, Miradina, Niqqol and Aabdana in Malestan district. They beat up some people,” it said.

The Commission accused Taliban of violating human rights principles in Afghanistan by “deliberately killing of civilian”, calling it “war crime”.

The United State embassy to Kabul also said that Taliban had killed 40 civilians in Malestan. It added that if the report be confirmed, it would be a war crime.

The US embassy had also said that Hazara ethnicity (Malestan is Hazara populated district) have been targets of frequent Taliban and Daesh attacks.

Earlier, the Human Rights Watch had accused Taliban of “executing without trial” of people who had been in their custody.

It said earlier this week that Taliban killed army and police in their captivity without trial in the province of Ghazni and Kandahar.

They human rights watch also said that the insurgents executed civilians without trial in the Malestan district of Ghazni and Spin Boldak district of Kandahar just on charge on working for the government.

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