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Taliban kill woman, her child in Faryab

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KABUL:Officials in northern Faryab province said that Taliban insurgents shot dead a 25-year old woman along with her three-year-old son on charge of cheating her husband.

Zabihullah Jawad, Chief ofProvincialOffice of Human Rights Commission, confirmed that the Taliban took away the woman a week ago from his father house and shot her to death.

According to Jawad,her father falsely had told locals her daughter was killed by robbers due to fear of the Taliban.

“Her husband had just returned from Iran and had filed a complaint against his wife to the Taliban,” Jawad said, adding, “they [Taliban] shot her to death, where her three-year old son alsokilled by accident during the shooting.”

Provincial Police Spokesman, Karim Yourish said the incident took place in Zaafran village of Qaisar district, a Taliban-controlled area. “The Taliban militants killed her without solid evidence but with baseless accusations posed by her husband.”

In another similar incident, a 20-year old woman committed suicide by taking drug due to domestic violence.

Chief of Human Rights Commission Provincial Office confirmed her suicide, saying five years had passed from their weeding but her husband’s family hadtortured and abused her during this period. “Even she had her two legs broke as violence against her was kept going by her husband’s family.”

Human Rights Commission ProvincialOffice has reported that violence against women increased by 20 percent comparing with the last two years. The intensified combat, high presence of the Taliban and activity of armed people caused increasinginviolence against women.

181 violence cases against womenwere documented in the last 17 months. Out of 181 cases, 39 cases were killings and 6 cases of kangaroo courts.

In 2018, the Taliban opened fire and killed a 35-year oldmother and her 15-year old daughter. The Taliban killed them becauseherhusband was member of public uprising forces.

Widespread combat between the government forces and the Taliban fighters in Faryab has made the province unstable. The Taliban militants engaged in subservice activities in the province, and public uprising forces along with the government are there to tame them.

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