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Taliban launch complex attack against district Police HQ in Baghlan

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KABUL: A Taliban car bombing targeted a district police Headquarters in the northern province of Baghlan, inflicting casualties on the security forces and civilians, officials said Monday.

Provincial Police Spokesman Javed Basharat told Afghanistan Times that the attack took place on Monday evening in Baghlan-e-Markazi-e-Jadid district.  He said security forces have identified and shot detonated the Humvee, full of explosives near to the entrance of the police HQ, before to enter to the compound.

Meanwhile, some sources said that the blast followed by clashes between the suicide bombers and security forces. The nearby houses were also damaged in the attack, the source added.

Taliban increased their attacks throughout the country despite the ongoing peace talks in Doha.

An Afghan peace delegation is set today (Tuesday) to fly to Doha capital of Qatar to resume the stalled peace negotiations with the Taliban.

The Taliban have been ramping up attacks to put pressure on the Afghan government as the U.S. and NATO Forces are exiting Afghanistan. The Afghan officials accused the insurgents of being reluctant to engage into peace negotiations, saying that the group sought military victory. With the violence ragging across the country, the two conflict sides are blaming each other for triggering offensives and hostilities. The Afghan government is also struggling with political controversies inside in Kabul.

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