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Taliban launch radio station in Kunduz

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KABUL: A Taliban radio station has started functioning for more than two days in northern Kunduz province. The radio is named as “Sharia” that has been broadcast anti-government propagandas and persuading the people to join the Taliban rank.

A freelance journalist, Faisal Noori said that the radio is active all over the province. According to him, the radio broadcast two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and two hours in the evening.

The frequency number of the radio, Noori said, “is 89.5 which is placed between another two radio stations and interfere and affect their waves”.

Head of information and culture department in Kunduz, Abdulshokor Qadardan said that the government held the capacity to recognize the location of the radio station and halt its functioning. He said that they shared the issue with the senior officials.

Kunduz is one of the insecure provinces in northern Afghanistan, where the Taliban are strongly active. The provincial capital city has fallen into the Taliban’s for two times during the last recent years.

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