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Taliban may ignore intra-Afghan talks after US deal, warns analysts

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KABUL: Political analysts say that Taliban militants would probably avoid talking with the government once they make a deal with the United States.

Taliban have so far sat with the US envoy for Afghanistan peace Zalmay Khalilzad for 10 times in Qatar to negotiate about end of American’s longest war. Khalilzad in the latest meeting demanded a ceasefire to pave the ground for intra-Afghan dialogues, an offer rejected by the insurgent group.
President Ghani believes that violence reduction lacks a legal explanation and executive guarantee. According to Ghani administration, an inclusive truce was needed before any deal.
Afghanistan is against the US stance on this point, while Washington is waiting for a deal with Taliban. 
Political experts are worried of Taliban’s ignorance of talks with the government after reaching an agreement with the United States, recalling the group’s previous stances that refused any requests for an intra-Afghan meeting.
“The Taliban will see no need of talking to the government once the group gets a peace deal with the United States. Or even, the militants will talk from an upper position,” said Mohayyuddin Mahdi, political analyst and former member of parliament. 
He pointed to differences inside the government over the system structure, saying that these differences would appear during talks with Taliban.
The peace seems to have two stages: First, Taliban and US peace and the second would be Taliban and government peace.
Another analyst, Fazl Tahman Orya, believes that violence reduction would lead to end of war, saying that the deal on end of Taliban’s attacks on the US troops and vice versa would be the first step to end of war.
The Taliban and US deal was expected to be finalized in the past weeks, but recent bloody developments in the Middle East and Iran-US rising tensions caused a postponement in the deal.

Former Taliban officials say that the two sides would soon finalize the deal and would sign it in presence of foreign dignitaries.

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