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Taliban military chief killed in Nangarhar

AT News Report-KABUL: The Ministry of Defense on Saturday clued-up about the killing of Taliban military chieftain in an airstrike carried out by the Afghan Air Forces (AAF) in eastern Nangarhar province.

The killed Taliban commander was a military head of the insurgent group for Nangarhar province.

In a statement the ministry said that AAF carried operation to kill Gul Mohammad Sangari, the Taliban military chief, and the forces successfully perished him.

Sangari, and two other fighters associated with him, was targeted in the Swati area of Surkh Road district, while attempting to escape the area, the statement added.

The killed Taliban military chieftain was highly involved in suicide attacks and other destructive activities in the province.

No more details have been disclosed about the killed Taliban leader, but indeed this is a great blow to the group.


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