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Taliban never accept truce without ISI approval

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KABUL: In reaction to the recent Taliban’s visit to Pakistan, the Senate Committee in their Tuesday session said the visit was aimed to consult the short-term ceasefire with Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan not with their leaderships.

Sources privy to Taliban have said that a Taliban delegation compromised of three members, led by Moulawi Shohabuddin Dilawar has left Qatar based political office for Islamabad to consult the US demand of “ten days” ceasefire with their leadership.   

Senate Chairman, Fazal Hadi Muslimyar said that the delegation’s visit to Pakistan has proved that without ISI’s permission, the group is not able to agree on a ceasefire during the peace talks. “Pakistan’s role in support for Taliban is clear and the group is not independent,” he added.

He has expressed criticism on a possible short-time ceasefire, saying that any type of short truce which is aimed to satisfy the US administration is not acceptable and that the Afghans want a nationwide ceasefire in Afghanistan.

Muslimyar has also called on the Taliban to take preparation for the direct talks with the Afghans, saying, “Until the Afghans themselves do not find a solution, America and other countries can’t resolve the problems.”

According to him, the Senate Committee’s stand regarding the US-Taliban peace talks is that the negotiations should pave the ground for intra-Afghan talks and a ceasefire, otherwise, Washington doesn’t consider ensuring peace in Afghanistan.

Expressing frustration over civilians and security forces casualties, he called on US to pay tremendous efforts to bring the Taliban representatives on a negotiation table with the Afghan officials and ensure a comprehensive truce. “A ceasefire agreement with only one side (Washington) will not solve the tensions,” he added.    

Meanwhile, Senator Mohayuddin Monsife has termed the Taliban delegation trip to Pakistan as disappointed and embarrassing act, saying only a nationwide truce can bring a sustainable peace in the country.

He has once again accused Islamabad of facilitating safe havens for the Taliban fighters and their families and as well as their military stations. “We want the American government to put pressure on Pakistan to persuade the group for direct talks with Afghans,” he stated.  

Another member of the Senate Committee, Anarkali Honaryar said that Afghans demand a sustainable peace and US should pressurize the Taliban to prevent repetition of their violent regime.

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