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Taliban not serious in peace talks: MPs

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KABUL: After the Taliban called off meeting with the US representatives and Pakistan Prime Minister, some of the parliamentarians blamed the group for trying to misuse opportunities to gain credits through evil tactics.

Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Irfanullah Irfan said Monday that the Taliban had a new game to play in the region and to gain privilege.

“Taliban are using any method to gain more credits and how to have influence in the peace process more than Afghanistan, America and even regional countries,” he said. “They (Taliban) are trying to influent Afghanistan and America, so they (Taliban) have enrolled those members for negotiation, who are in the black list, and then called it off, all of these are new games to put their members out of the black list.”

Irfan said that the United Nations should consult with the Afghan government before removing Taliban members from the black list.

Nine of the Taliban negotiator scheduled to attend the meeting in Islamabad are in the black list of the United Nations.

Afghan the government stated in a letter to the United Nations that the travel of the Taliban members to Islamabad, jeopardize Afghanistan independency and give legitimacy to the Taliban group.

The Taliban had earlier announced that its delegation would travel to Islamabad and meet with the Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

The meeting was supposed to hold on Monday February 18 in Islamabad.

But the Taliban has recently renounced that it has called off the meeting due to United Nations sanctions on its members.

Now it is questionable that were the Taliban really not aware of exiting its members’ names in the black list or trying to free its member out the list.

Taliban senior member Anas Haqani who is currently in the prison was mentioned in the negotiator list by the group as well.

Meanwhile, some of the Parliament says that Taliban are in one side of the Politics and cannot claims that they were not aware of the United Nation’s  sanctions over its members, neither the being prisoner of Anas Haqani and if so then it’s being lack of their politic awareness.

Ahmad Sayedi a political analyst said that the delisting of certain Taliban members from the United Nations black list and release of Anas Haqqani from the prison were discussed in the Qatar meetings.

 “Those Taliban that are in the black list, calling it illegal and says that the United Nation and the US that put their names in the black list are in negotiation with them,” he said. “Taliban wanted to understand their supporters that the group is powerful and strengthen. According to law Pakistan has violated the United Nations decisions and values.”   

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