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Taliban oppose transfer of Afghan assets to the Swiss bank


Kabul: Sohail Shaheen, the head of the political office of Taliban in Qatar, in response to the reports about the US’s attempt to transfer half of Afghanistan’s assets to a bank in Switzerland, considered any unilateral decision in this regard illegal.

Shaheen told TRT news agency: “Seized reserves are the property of the Afghan people; it is up to the people to decide what to do with their reserves and how to use them.” Any unilateral decision regarding the reserves of the Central Bank of Afghanistan is illegal, unless the decisions are made in agreement with the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

Previously, sources said that Washington is working on a plan to deposit 3.5 billion dollars of seized assets of Afghanistan to the “Bank for International Settlements” and distribute this money under the monitoring system of a panel of international experts.

Afghanistan Central Bank has also issued a statement saying that the frozen assets of this bank in US are the property of Afghan people and have been used for the purpose of monetary stability and strengthening the financial system since its existence, adding that the spending of Afghan frozen assets for any other purpose unacceptable.

In another event the Russian embassy in Washington declared the transfer of afghan frozen assets to Switzerland bank” a violation of international law.

The embassy said in a declaration that Afghans should manage their own property.

According to the sources, in addition to representatives from the American and Swiss governments, the board for monitoring how these funds are spent also includes a number of Afghans with American citizenship or other western countries.

Some sources say that “Anwaral Haq Ahadi”, the Minister of Finance of the Karzai government, and “Shah Mohammad Mehrabi”, a former member of the Supreme Council of the Central Bank of Afghanistan, are the Afghan members of this delegation.

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