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Taliban oppose US bases in Afghanistan’s neighboring states

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KABUL: The Taliban militants have expressed opposition of establishing of US military bases in the neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

There are reports that the United States and Pakistan have agreed on American military bases in Pakistani soil after the US announced to pull soldiers out of Afghanistan on May 1. The US is scheduled to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by September 11.

Taliban who have intensified attacks to take control of more ground since the beginning of May, have demanded “neighboring countries” not to allow anyone to establish bases in the soil.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the militant group, said that the presence of foreign forces is the main reason of insecurity in the region, adding that Afghans have suffered more than others.

“If God forbid such a measure is taken, this will be a big mistake and discredit and will be registered in the history. The Muslim nation of Afghanistan will not remain silent against these improper and provocative acts, but they will fulfill their religious and historical responsibilities as they have done in the past,” the statement said.

The militant group once again assured that Afghan soil would not be used against others’ security, demanding neighboring countries not to be used against Afghanistan as well.

Residents of Zazai district of Paktia province have said that American troops are working to build a large military base on the other side of Durand Line some eight kilometers from the border line.

They have said that the base is several times larger than the one in Logar province.

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal had quoted US officials as saying that the US would station troops serving in Afghanistan in bases in the Persian Gulf as well as the Central Asia.

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