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Taliban Reason for “Terror ecosystem” in Region: Official

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KABUL: The First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh says that the Taliban were the “reason for the terror ecosystem” as they provided facilities to other terrorist groups.

Saleh in a tweet attached the photo of a commander of Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistani terrorist group, saying that “Ansar-Allah is a Central Asian terrorist outfit akin to IS or DAESH”.

 “Taliban have provided bases and sanctuaries for this group,” he said. “The man in the picture Abu Omar is commander of this outfit who is at this VERY MOMENT with the Taliban.”

Jamaat Ansarullah Tajikistani is a terrorist group active on the borderline between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The group has been carrying out subversive acts in the Northern provinces of Badakhshan. Provincial Officials said earlier that the group was fighting alongside ISIS-K (Daesh) and Taliban against the Afghan security forces.  

Saleh earlier accused the Taliban of maintaining their links with other terrorist groups, saying that the Taliban issued a false statement denying the presence of foreign terrorists in their units.

Under the February 29th deal signed between the US and Taliban, the insurgents are stipulated to cut their links with other terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda, the mastermind of the 9/11 attack.

Based on the international organizations’ findings the Taliban still maintain ties with al-Qaeda and Haqqani Terrorist Network.

But the Taliban has denied the reports, saying that the group is committed to fulfill the February deal.

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