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Taliban rebels kill three protestors in Takhar

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KABUL: Local officials in northern Takhar said that three civilians, who stood against Taliban’s alleged sexual assault on a teenage girl, were killed by the Taliban in Khwajaghar district of the province.

District Police Chief, Mohammad Ishaq said the incident happened after some residents of Dowbandi, Chichaka and Mingorchoqor villages upraised against the militants and demanded for prosecution of perpetrators.

“The protestors demanded the militants to prosecute the perpetrators in the front of the people,” he added. “But the militants opened fire on them, killing three protestors and wounding three others.”

Earlier, provincial local officials said that a number of Taliban rebels committed sexual assault on a 14 years old girl in Khwajaghar district.

According to officials, four of the militants break into a tent of a local resident, Khodainoor and sexually assaulted on his teenage daughter.

The district police chief said that the Taliban prevent people from participating in the demonstration with placing their fighters all over the villages.

The Taliban did not assert on the incident so far.

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