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Taliban say Ghani ‘clawing at straws’

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KABUL: The Taliban claim that President Ashraf Ghani is not able to manage the ongoing peace efforts, alleging that “everything is against his will”.

Taliban negotiators have been busy in negotiations with Ghani-appointed team in Qatar since September 12 to seek ways for peace.

None of them are ready to show flexibility and agree with each other’s demands, so there has been no progress in the talks for 21 days.

The insurgent group cited on Saturday some developments in Kabul such as parliament’s criticizing over disqualifying of acting defense and interior ministers in appointing police chiefs as well as dismissing of 17 presidential advisers by Ghani as the reasons. The militants claim that the government of Afghanistan was at the edge of collapse.

“The peace process is out of Ghani’s control and everything is against his and his team’s wills. Therefore, the Ghani-linked groups speak to media about sabotage of the peace process,” the insurgent group said in a statement.

“Ghani’s rival Abdullah is holding everything about peace. Politicians, opposition and other groups also seem to be against Ghani and siding Abdullah. This means Arg is more unable.”

Some media outlets had earlier reported of differences between Ghani and the reconciliation council he made and appointed his electoral rival Abdullah as the head of the body.

Abdullah’s  visit to Pakistan this week where he was warmly welcomed by Pakistani officials, has also caused Ghani’s unhappiness, according to media.

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