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Taliban says no need for females in judiciary

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Kabul: The Supreme Court of the Taliban government says that there has been no need for the activities of female judges since the last one year.

Head of the Supreme Court research and inspection directorate of the Taliban government, told reporters that at present judicial appointments are enough to solve problems and there is no case where female judges are necessary.

Ebrahimi said: We have not felt this need until now and we have not understood the need for women judges to come and carry out their duties in the courts.

The head of the investigation and studies of the Supreme Court of the Taliban government said: In the previous system, female judges decided cases based on specific articles [laws and bills] and did not have enough knowledge about jurisprudence and Shariah principles and could not judge based on Hanafi jurisprudence to decide people’s cases.

This is despite the fact that in most judicial positions in the previous government of Afghanistan, female judges were hired based on their expertise and education in the field of law and judicial science.

He also stated the Hijab issue as one of other reasons for the suspension of female judges from their duties and said that the employees in the offices of the previous system were mixed and the issue of the Hijab was not observed, and therefore, until now, the conditions have not been favorable for female judges to be appointed in specific place.

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