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Taliban seek military victory: Afghan negotiator

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KABUL: A Membes of the Afghan negotiating team blamed the Taliban for prolonging violence, saying that the group believed “it can win the war militarily”.

An Afghan negotiator, Abdul Haffiz Mansoor said that the group was reluctant to agree on “any of government’s offer” and that it still believed on military victory. “The Taliban delegation doesn’t agree on any offer of the Afghan government regarding the future system, he added.  

According to him, the Taliban wanted a pure Islamic system but they have any “description” for it.

This comes as the international forces are preparing to exit Afghanistan amid a high level of violence ragging across the country. The Istanbul conference offered by the U.S. to the UN to convene on the Afghan peace to find a political and final settlement for the Afghan conflicts is also in a tentative-level as the insurgents have been denying to attend it.

Earlier, some Taliban officials quoted by the VOA said that the group put preconditions to take part in the conference. The U.S. and NATO departure from Afghanistan after a 20-years presence, despite Pentagon and Watchdogs reports that the militants still remained connected with the al-Qaeda terrorist network- a threat that the U.S. President Joe Biden said had been eliminated to cause trouble for the U.S. and allies. The Pentagon Chief said that they are slightly ahead of the due time of the withdrawal of September 11.

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