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Taliban should hold talks with govt ‘without preconditions’; Danish

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KABUL: The Taliban group should set in talks with the Afghan government without any preconditions, said Second Vice President Sarwar Danish on Friday.

Addressing an event on peace, he called on the Taliban group to join peace talks without any preconditions. “Government is ready to help Taliban in removing their names from UN blacklist, freeing their inmates, and bring amendment of the law once they entered talks with Afghan government without preconditions.”

Moreover, he said that the Islamic Emirate was worst experience as it introduced Islam as an extremist to the world.” According to him, the Taliban group has caused Daesh extremist group to find foothold in Afghanistan. But at the same time he opposed any kind of compromise to be made in peace talks.

Afghan government neither during Hamid Karzai’s administration nor during the National Unity Government supported the war, Danish furthered, adding, “The terrorists and insurgent groups, backed by specific neighboring countries, have fueled the war in Afghanistan and they are doing so now to realize their goals vial military means.”

Since ongoing effort is in full swing to bring the Taliban group into table of negation to end the war, Danish warned that the past-hard achievements would not be compromised in any talks.  

Achievements like free media, human rights, especial women rights, national integrity, and social liberates are not negotiable in any peace talks, he furthered, citing these as red-lines to the people of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, he lambasted those people favoring establishment of interim government by delaying the forthcoming presidential election which has been set to be held in 20 July of the current year.

“Interim government is against national interest because it can’t ensure sustainable peace,” Danish said.

Regarding Consultative Loya Jirga for peace which would be held in March, he said that the purpose behind it is to have direct conversations with the public and hoped those people participates in the Jirga to give priority to the national interests before peace.

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