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Taliban storms Kunduz city

“21 people killed when the city came under attack by the gory Taliban fighters; even they made civilians as human shields by taking shelters in civilian houses”

AT-KABUL: At least 21 people have been killed in northern Kunduz province as the Taliban stormed the capital city of the province, late last night at around 3am. The Taliban captured parts of the city.

Spokesman of Kunduz police, Sarwar Husaini, confirmed that most part of the city has fallen to the Taliban. He said that the militants have also captured the provincial governor’s office, police headquarters and the provincial prison, and have released the prisoners. Some parts, including Balahesar and airport are under the security forces’ control and clashes are still going on.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Seddiq Seddiqi said that Taliban attacked the Kunduz city from different points last night at 3:00am.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday he said that heavy clashes are going on between Afghan security forces and the Taliban fighters.

He said that most of the point of Kunduz is under control of Afghan forces, however, he added that clashes were going on in the third district of the city and the neighborhood of the provincial hospital.

He added that the Taliban have taken shelters in residential areas to make the civilians as human shields, whereas security forces carefully conduct clearance operation to avoid civilian casualties.

Seddiqi said that army, and local police have launched a joint offensive to flush out the Taliban.

He said that air force and ground troops have dealt a heavy blow to the militants.

He said that fresh batches of troops were being deployed to the city of Kunduz.

He said that according to initial report 25 Taliban fighters and two police were killed in clashes in Kunduz and four police wounded.

As result of Taliban firing four civilian killed and 50 others wounded in Kunduz city, he mentioned

The spokesman of the Kunduz Police, Sayed Sarwar Husaini said that Taliban fighters faced tough offensive from security forces and their attack was repelled in some areas, but still clashes were going on in Se Darak and Zakhil area of Kunduz.

Kunduz provincial head Mohmmad Yousuf Ayubi said provincial council office has fallen to Taliban and clashes were going on in Se Darak area of Kunduz city.

A police source on the condition of anonymity, said that Taliban captured the central prison in Kunduz province whereas there were 600 prisoners, who might have been released

According to unconfirmed reports spread in social media Taliban captured the city of Kunduz

Meanwhile Taliban claimed that they got the control of different areas in Kunduz city and moving toward.

Local media reported that Taliban insurgents have captured the city’s provincial council building, a hospital building and the office of the local High Peace Council.

Clashes are still ongoing as security forces have been deployed to tackle the situation whereas the city’s only hospital which has been under the siege cannot deliver medical services to those who received injuries.

Residents are confined to their houses as the road to the airport is also shut for public transport, according to security officials. They added that a large number of troops was outside the city at the time of the attack. According to security officials the Taliban carried out a coordinated attack at around 3am whereas they closed off the four entrances into the city.

Kunduz Provincial Council officials said the Taliban attacked two other districts (Dasht-e-Archi and Chahardara) in the province as well. The officials added that 14 Afghan Local Police (ALP) and Afghan National Police (ANP) rendered their lives in defense of their homeland. Seven civilians are also among those killed by Taliban. As many as 47 people received injuries. The official also said that the attack took place in such a time when the governor of the province, Mohammad Omar Safi in Tajikistan and the security chief of the northern province is in Kabul.

Abdul Wadood Paiman, a lawmaker from Kunduz, confirmed that Kunduz city has fallen to the Taliban. “The Taliban militants conducted massive attack on the city from different points the other night,” he said, adding that government buildings and offices in the city are currently under the Taliban’s control. Paiman said that situation in the province is out of control, dwellers of the city are trapped and clashes between security forces and the Taliban are still going on.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman of the Taliban militants, tweeted that their fighters have captured Kunduz governor’s office and police headquarters and are moving toward airport.




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