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IS, Taliban suicide bombers attack two police stations, killing 10

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: 10 people mostly policemen have been killed and 23 others injured after eight suicide bombers assailed two police stations in Kabul, the capital city on Wednesday.

The Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said that after a blast, two attackers assailed the 13th police station and engaged in heavy gunfire with security forces. Both of suicide bombers were killed after two hours of firefight. Two police officers were killed and two others wounded in the attack, which the Islamic State has taken responsibility.

After a few minutes, Barmak said, a heavy explosion occurred in Shar-e Naw in vicinity of the 10th police station and five terrorists stormed a building near police headquarters and started firing randomly. The security forces engaged immediately in a firefight with the assailants, which continued for hours till the night, as a result of which, 4 people including three policemen were killed in the attack which Taliban has taken responsibility.

He said that Afghanistan was in war with terrorist groups that changed their tactics and enjoy the supportof warmongering countries. Afghanistan is at the doorsill of election and the enemies struggle to sabotage this national process and prevent the country’s progress, he added. He said check posts have been increased recently, which per se gave rise to traffic limitations in the city. He added that they will seek out better measures to reinforce security in Kabul city.

Ministry of Public Health Spokesman Wahidullah Majroh has however said that four people were killed and nine wounded in the first assault, and one was killed and eight others wounded in the second attack.

The National Directorate of Security in a statement said the attackswere planned by the Haqqani network in cooperation with Lashkar-e-Taiba. The statement highlighted the NDS efforts to identify the perpetrators and facilitators of the attacks.

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