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Taliban take control of Janikhel


AT News Report

KABUL: Taliban fighters took control of the strategic district of Janikhel in southeastern Paktia province after heavy clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents, a provincial official said on Saturday.

“After heavy clashes erupted between Afghan security forces and the Taliban insurgents on Friday night, unfortunately, Janikhel district was fallen to the Taliban insurgents on Saturday morning,” provincial governor spokesman, Naqibullah Atal said.

“Five policemen were killed and five others injured during attack,” he said, adding that Taliban insurgents also sustained casualties.

Moreover, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, in his twitter said that his fighters captured Janikhel district. Dozens of security personnel had been killed and some weapons were also seized.

The Taliban group has changed their war tactics. They increased group attacksin the past one month in different districts. Recently, the Taliban fighters took control of the strategic district of Khanabad in the northern Kunduz province after a several-hour clash.

“Taliban launched attacks and captured police headquarters, center of the district and a number of checkpoints in the district today morning,” said Hayatullah Amiri, the district chief.

According to a high-ranking security official in the province the Taliban also attacked Ali Abad district and clashes were underway between Afghan forces and Taliban in the district.

After the collapse the Afghan security force carried a large-scale military operation and retook the control of Khanabad from Taliban insurgents. More than dozens of the Taliban were killed during clearing operation.

Nearly 38 insurgents were killed and over 20 others injured,” Provincial Police Spokesman Hejratullah Akbari said, adding that the government had retaken the district from the Taliban.

Capture of the district has come as another victory for the militant group as the country’s top leadership has turned their attention towards their fragile government. Rapidly insecurity is not only frustrating Afghans but also the international community.

According to reports, major donor countries would criticize the Afghan government in the coming Brussels summit.

TOLOnews on Friday reported, the lack of capacity within government institutions in real sense undermines the capacity of the council to implement its programs.

“It is unfortunate to say that the decisions taken by the high economic council have not been practical due to certain problems specifically a lack of capacity within the government institutions and problems in the laws. Therefore the majority of these decisions remain on paper,” TOLOnews quoted Mohammad Faizan, a member of Afghanistan Industrialist Union, as saying.

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