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Taliban takeover two districts as severe clashes rocked Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Taliban group overran a couple districts of the two provinces in south and west of Afghanistan as the militants have intensified their offensives across the country.

Urozgan Governor Omar Shirzad said that the security forces retreated from the compound of Gizab district. A clash occurred between the two sides, according to him, “four security forces” were killed. He put the number of the insurgents’ casualties to 15 people.

Shirzad added the security forces engaged in fighting the militants in Chora area of the province. “The Afghan Commandoes arrived in the area,” he said.

Governor of the western Ghor province, Abdulzahir Faizada confirmed that Shahrak districts fall into the Taliban.

“Our connection with them is cut, when the communication is gone, it meant the district is collapsed,” he said. “We have paid all-out efforts to until latest minutes. “There wasn’t war today. “(They) retreated without fighting because our was ended at 4:00 am last night.”

However he strongly supposed that the security forces retreated to Tanga-e-Azo village, hinting that they didn’t make any compromise with the Taliban.

The Taliban group in a video clip revealed that its fighters have stormed into the compound of the district.

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