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Taliban the reason of US presence in Afghanistan: Cleric

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KABUL: A prominent religious scholar in Pakhtoonkhwa, Mohammad Khan Shirani, called Taliban the only reason of US troops’ existence in Afghanistan, saying the ongoing war was not a jihad, but a tool of facilitating the ground for the US invasion.

Speaking to Mullah Abdul Khaliq, a senior Taliban official on the phone leaked to media, Shirani said the US was not able to invade Afghanistan when several jihadi groups were ruling the country but the Taliban managed to pave the ground for its invasion, Weesa Daily reported.

Referring to the 1990s, Shirani said the US was supporting Taliban to eliminate jihadi militants. He furthered that Taliban have brutally killed, wounded and imprisoned innocent people, thus their violence was the main reason behind US invasion in Afghanistan.

“Before the US invasion of Afghanistan, Taliban vowed that they would destroy US aircrafts and warships before reaching the Afghan soil, but I told them that it was never possible,” he said.

Shirani added the Taliban leaders have put their fighters to death and injury, and play a dual role as they want something good for themselves, but not the same for their fighters.

“Taliban were never committed to sharia either then (referring to 1990) or now.”

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