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Taliban threaten singer in Farah

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KABUL: A singer in the western province of Farah says that Taliban militants threatened him to stop signing.

Taliban militants have banned music in all districts and parts of the provincial capital of Farah.

Shafiq Asir, 36, who sings at wedding ceremonies in Farah, says that the insurgents broke and set his instruments on fire last week in the Char Borjak area.

“Unfortunately, there are so many threats. We can’t continue music. I attended weddings in the past, but they (Taliban) banned music and even broke and burnt my instruments that cost Afs 400,000,” Asir said on Sunday.

He is now running a grocery shop in the Farah city.

“Taliban have threatened us the musicians not to attend weddings and sing. They warned to break our instruments and fine us. As a local singer, I am concerned over this situation. The provincial department of information and culture doesn’t help us,” said Javid Ahmadi, another singer in Farah.

Benyamin Barez, head of provincial information and culture department, acknowledged threats against artists in the province.

“The information and culture department in Farah dies not spare any efforts to support artists, poets and writers, and we have had achievements in this regard too. But I can say that the ministry of information and culture has not taken steps to support artists,” Barez said.

Taliban did not comment on the allegations.

The militants banned music and other cultural activities in all Afghanistan during their five years of rule.

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