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Taliban threaten to resume violence if US keeps troops in Afghanistan

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KABUL: Taliban militants have threatened to resume attacks on the foreign soldiers if the US would not remain adherent to the peace deal signed last year under which American troops are to leave Afghanistan by May this year.

In a statement, the insurgents rejected allegations of having hand in killing of civilians, targeted murders and destroying of infrastructures.

The statement said Monday that a number of European states and other countries have made “baseless accusations to the Islamic Emirate” that continue war and killing of people with no reason.

It rejected the statement as false, saying that reconstructing and maintain the public assets is a responsibility of the militant group.

The US and some European embassies to Kabul accused Taliban on Sunday of being responsible for targeted killings and destroying of public properties.

The embassies of Australia, Czech Republic, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, NATO, Spain, Sweden, the UK and the US, in a joint statement condemned attacks on civilians and targeted killings. These embassies argued that such attacks weaken government institutions and help destabilizing the country where terrorist and criminal groups get free space for destructive activities.

They said that the Afghan infrastructure targeted by Taliban have been established by the foreign donations. “We expect Taliban to stop violence and show support for the people of Afghanistan by ending the destruction of vital infrastructures and remain committed to a lasting peace.”

Taliban but have claimed that they choose political solution. They accuse the European Union and many other countries of being involved in Afghan war, saying these countries still try to prolong the war by extending military presence in Afghanistan.

Some NATO member countries have lately said they would keep troops in Afghanistan beyond May after the United States withdraws all its soldiers.

The Taliban have warned against the consequences of “the violation of commitments”. The group emphasized on the Doha peace agreement, saying that implanting of the deal would be in benefit of both the US and other countries including Afghanistan.

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