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Taliban to procure oil and gas from Russia

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Kabul: The Ministry of commerce and industry says that Kabul and Moscow have reached an agreement on the purchase of oil and gas, and this agreement will be signed soon.

Nuruddin Azizi, the Acting Minister of commerce and industry, who has just returned from Russia, says that many banks in Afghanistan and Russia are under sanction and money transfers will be done through a third country.

Mr. Azizi said: “Some of our technical teams are still in Russia and they want to work on the details, such as what kind of money transfers we can have.”

He also met with the President of Tatarstan during his trip to Russia.

Nuruddin Azizi added: “We invited the president of Tatarstan to Afghanistan, they are ready and willing to accept our official invitation and soon they may come to Afghanistan and we will sign some official agreements in Afghanistan.”

Sanctions on many Russian banks have made it difficult to transfer funds and make it difficult the purchase oil from this country.

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Investment (ACCI) says that because of this issue, the amount of trade between Kabul and Moscow has decreased.

The ACCI believes that Russian goods, especially wheat and oil, are cheaper than other countries.

Khanjan Alkozi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment, said Tolonews: “A series of problems have arisen in terms of transit and in terms of transfers, because there are no sea borders, and the goods must be transferred trough railway, and services will be charged from any country that is passing through.”

Afghanistan’s trade with Russia reaches 200 million dollars a year, and Afghanistan imports most of the food and oil from this country.

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