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Taliban warn against any sabotage of Afghanistan independence

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KABUL – Reiterating their commitment to the Islamic Sharia as the principle for their governance, the Taliban administration stated on Tuesday that they will not tolerate any threats to the independence and freedom of Afghanistan.

Speaking on the second anniversary of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, spokesperson for the Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid said, “This day also demonstrated that all the endeavors of the foreign forces within our country have met with failure.”

On this day, the Taliban marked the two-year anniversary of their resurgence to power, referred to as the “conquest of Kabul,” in August 2021. Their resurgence followed extensive negotiations with the United States, culminating in the signing of the Doha agreement on February 29 of that year.

Mujahid affirmed, “No foreign invader will have the opportunity to jeopardize Afghanistan’s independence and freedom.” He further added, “They cannot overcome the determination of the Afghan Mujahid people, nor can they impose their arbitrary rule through force and conspiracies.” He emphasized the Taliban administration’s commitment to upholding the Islamic Sharia as long as they are in power, and their dedication to fostering the nation’s development and stability.

Pursuant to the Doha agreement, all foreign forces withdrew from the war-ravaged nation by the conclusion of August 2021. Mujahid expressed that the entire Muslim community takes pride in the Taliban’s “victory over occupation.”

He asserted that the Taliban administration has effectively ensured security throughout the country. “The entire nation is governed under unified leadership, operating on an Islamic system rooted in Sharia principles. These achievements are the direct results of the enduring sacrifices made by the people of Afghanistan over the years,” he concluded.

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