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Afghan defense personnel returned from India


Kabul: 25 Military personnel of the former government who had previously traveled to India for military training, returned to Afghanistan.

After completing an 18-months of military and professional training at the Indian Military Academy (IMA), the graduated cadets returned to the country, said the Defense Ministry in a statement.

“The MoD, Afghanistan, encouraged by our humanitarian aid and placement of our technical team in Indian Embassy, Kabul, had requested EoI Kabul through an official letter on 25.06.22 requesting direct communication with the Afghan cadets trained in IMA/ NDA, India. Govt agencies including MEA facilitated talks between MoD Afghanistan and Afghan cadets and they finally returned after assurances of safety and employment from the Afghan Minister of Defence” Taliban led Defence Ministry said in a statement on the return of Afghan cadets.

The Military soldiers were welcomed by Afghan Ministry of Defense officials at the airport.

Mufti Ruhollah Umar the head of foreign relations of the Ministry of National Defense, while welcoming these soldiers back to the country, said that the leadership of the Ministry of National Defense and the Defense Ministry will use their experiences in the professional and specialized military sectors of the country.

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