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Taliban won’t last sans regional countries support

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan has said that the Taliban group would be eliminated within few days if they didn’t receive supports from the regional countries.

Omid Maisom, Spokesman for the Chief Executive Office has said that there is no doubt about militants, who are fighting against government in Afghanistan, have regional roots.

“Some of the certain countries are using the militants as instruments for their foreign policy and they pave the ground for war in Afghanistan,” he said.

Meanwhile, American senator, Lindsey Graham has earlier said that US should engage in talks with Pakistan instead of Taliban to end the Afghan war.   

Afghan government has repeatedly accused Islamabad of supporting the terrorist against the Afghan- American forces in Afghanistan.

Moreover, some political analysts believe that Islamabad has abused the militants to reach its political strategies and agendas in Afghanistan.  

Political expert and instructor at Kabul University, Azatullah Pizhand, said “In my opinion, US senator’s view is accurate because Afghans have had similar idea years ago that Taliban with support of Pakistan have been continuing subversive acts in our country.”

Graham has expressed the remarks at a time, while the US Special Representative for Afghanistan Peace Affairs, Zalmay Khalilzad then was negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban representatives in Qatar to find a political solution for the Afghan war.

In earlier September this year, the US President Donald Trump has called off the nearly-done peace talks with the militants following a Taliban attack which killed at least 12 people including an American soldier.

But in an unexpected trip to Afghanistan to celebrate the American holiday “Thanks Giving Day” in one of the Pentagon’s military base in Bagram, north of Kabul, Trump said that “Taliban are ready for a peace deal” but US was taking cautious steps in regards.  

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