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Taliban yet to declare clear stance on governance

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KABUL: The International Crisis Group says that the Taliban haven’t declared clear stances over some important matters including governance system, as the group has expressed readiness to hold talks with the government for the first time.

The report released by the Brussels-based non-government organization, caused concerns.

The report said that Taliban did not declared stances over women’s education, women’s rights and security and defense system.

It called on Taliban to clearly coordinate their stances in talks with the government.

It called the Afghan peace process “risky”, but has praised Kabul’s stance as “clear”.

But Taliban spokesman has assured they would discuss all these issues in the government negotiations.

“The national interests is the major issue and the red line, the thing that lead Afghanistan to a single goal. That is a sovereign, independent and united Afghanistan with a peace covering not only Afghanistan, but also the entire region. We want democracy in Afghanistan. We don’t need to erase developments on education system and think about something new,” said Massoum Stanakzai, the government’s chief negotiator.

“I think this is a matter of concern. Our government side is weak, while the opposite side urges on its stance. This has complicated the talks,” said Ahmad Shahin, a political analyst.

The first round of the intra-Afghan talks is to be held in Qatar’s capital city of Doha, according to both government and Taliban spokesmen.

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