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Taliban’s barbarism, civilians and a pregnant woman

Once again the Taliban showed their real face—the darker and barbaric face. They have gone so much insane and bloodthirsty that they even set the houses of civilians on fire. Even though the civilians in no way were connected to the government. These barbaric Taliban even beat to a pregnant woman who lost her unborn baby. The terrorist Taliban torched five civilian houses in Charkh District of Maidan Wardak province. The incident happened in such a time when there were no men rather all were women who resisted with tooth and nail to keep the Taliban at bay from putting their houses on fire, but to no avail. They also beat the women for resistance. Attaulllah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of Maidan Wardak province said that those whose houses were set ablaze in no way were linked to the government. Besides that a pregnant woman lost her child after she was severely beaten by the evil insurgents for her only crime being the wife of an interpreter with the British forces. The woman was beaten in front of her children by a Taliban commander. She was quizzed for the whereabouts of her husband. She along with her brother was intercepted when she was traveling to Paktiya province. The barbaric Taliban started beating him when she rushed to save her brother from their torture. Beating a woman has never been Afghan culture and never been approved by the peace-loving religion the Taliban claims to be followers of. They have surpassed the edges of brutality. This is not jihad rather the extreme of the jahalat—ignorance and aberrance. The two barbaric acts speak volumes of their tyranny, transgression and insanity. Beating women and setting civilian homes on fire is neither Afghanism nor Islam, neither jiahad nor humanity. When will these lunatics feel quenched with the blood of this troubled nation—being targeted for the past three decades? If this madness lingers on and their war remains unabated, perhaps a day will come when detestation will be so intense that even mothers would avoid nursing their babies and feeding them with their milks fearing they will become Taliban when they grow up—a breed that cannot differentiate between the good and the bad—because they have killed their very own fathers, mothers, sisters, and people from their own people. They are the corrupt people on this earth. They are blinds. They are lunatic. They are thirsty of power. And in the thirst of power they cross all the limits. They want the power regained at all costs even if they have to travel over a million dead bodies. They don’t hesitate from putting civilian houses on fire. They don’t feel any shame in beating a woman and that a pregnant woman. Because of the idiotic and senseless war of the Taliban, now terrorism and Afghans have become synonymous. A blunt truth is the Taliban are mental patients as they see their heaven in the bloodshed and consider it to be the shortest route to it while the truth is Islam lays a particular stress on piousness, peace, and brotherhood, tolerance and humanity. The shameless Taliban must know that they are lost to an innocent woman. They lost to the baby who fell victim to miscarriage whose mother was beaten by the Taliban. The Taliban have become so weak and shameless that even a woman is their enemy. This is the extreme of their failure and infamy.

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