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Taliban’s crookedness at its peak

Our country is one of the terrible lands. Violence, contradictions, justice denials, no equitable distribution of wealth, corruption and a constant poor-rich standoff are some of the social, economic and political factors that have turned the lives of millions of Afghans into the hell. Above all there is a breed called “Taliban”. Literally the word of Taliban means those students who seek to learn religious education, but their violent nature and activities have made this word totally different. They know there is no life to be found in violence but death and destruction. Every act of violence and terror push us into death and grief. Because of contradictions (what our political elite say and do and what the Taliban claim and do), justice is denied on daily basis, poverty is enforced, ignorance prevailed. It has left thousands of peace-loving citizens in a notion that our society is but an organized conspiracy to oppress the poor, rob the well off, degrade the honest, suppress the woman, and respect the crooked. The Taliban have become paragons of barbarism, torture, terror, suppression and cowardice. In their war, children and women have been the worst victims. The belligerent forces are also a no exception as they spend billions of dollars on weapons to kill people instead of investing in their welfare, education, health and safety. There are billions are human beings around the world but the sense of being human is held just by a few. We know that we cannot stop natural disasters like avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, but at least man can prevent conflicts—man made conflicts. Then why the Taliban have been failing in preventing it and putting a full stop to it? Don’t they feel their mothers, sisters, children and relatives are also being suffered by the war? Do they think they have come somewhere from another planet with no human blood and feelings?  On whose hands the parents of those who have been killed in the Taliban’s landmines will see the stain of blood? On the hands of the government? On the hands of international troops? Or on the hands of the Taliban? At least three children were killed and four other received injuries including two women when a roadside landmine went off in eastern Nangarhar province on Saturday evening. The blast took place in Sherzad district of Nangarhar. When national and international humanitarian bodies publish their reports about civilian casualties, we come across this stark fact that it is the Taliban that is behind most of casualties. What they do is quite irritating. They say it were not only they but also the NATO and Afghan troops who were behind the civilian casualties. They forget that whenever Afghan troops inflict casualties on civilians they are being hold accountable, punished and jailed. Do the Taliban make their henchmen accountable? The truth is the Taliban have become morally corrupt. They have lost the courage to embrace the bitter truth that what is happening across the country, it is in many ways related to their misdoings. And it is they in whose hands lies the key to peace. Will they ever show lenience on this downtrodden nation? Will our women and children be ever safe from their terrorism? Will our mosques, schools, markets and hospitals be ever safe from their anger and revenge? They should be mindful that at a time they cannot prevent and prepare for the war. If they want to prevent the war they will have to avoid the use of guns. With guns and bombs in their hands, when they claim they are fighting for the liberation of the nation is the biggest lie and it reveals how much crooked they are.

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