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Taliban’s Fail Attack in Kandahar

698 Taliban fighters have been killed in air and ground operations in last one month in province

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KABUL: The Taliban insurgents have been thought to take over the control of Kandahar province, a strategic and the birthplace of the Taliban group. It has been over one week that the Taliban fighters have carried out wide-ranging attacks in the center and districts of the province aimed at overrunning these areas, said a security official in the province. Their attack had been pushed back and the group had suffered heavy casualties.      

The Taliban attacks were focused on Arghandab, Zherai, Panjwai, Dand as well as the center of the district, according to Farid Mashal, the security officer of Kandahar Police Headquarters.

“698 Taliban fighters were killed in air and ground operations over the last month in the province,” Mashal was quoted by TOLONews as saying.

“Our operations are underway. We have had progress. We have established outposts in Zherai (district). We have good progress in Arghandab and Panjwai. We are busy in establishing bases,” Mashal said.

We are still having deep concern about the security situation, Kandahar residents said, underlining the need for a full-scale anti-Taliban operation to clear the province from the highly menace of Taliban attack.

The roads are closed to traffic, the government has taken the issues seriously and reopened the roads in nutshell, said Ataullah, a resident of the Arghandab district of Kandahar province.

“People are stranded due to the conflicts,” said Shir Mohammad, a Kandahar resident.

Recently Afghan Spy Chief said that the Taliban are trying to shift their leadership inside Afghanistan. “The Taliban are trying to find a stronghold inside Afghanistan,” a security source told Afghanistan Times.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that Taliban leadership is outside Afghanistan and they fear being exposed once the ongoing peace talks succeed. Taliban must prove that their leaders are inside the country and that’s why carrying such big attacks will shift their leadership, according to him, but promised security forces will not let their evil designs succeed.  

Meanwhile, the Taliban fighters have attacked Helmand, the neighboring province of Kandahar in order to get some leverage on the talks and also take more control on some areas.

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