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Taliban’s offensive will fail this year like in the past: CEO

By Farhad Naibekhel-KABUL: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on Monday during the cabinet council meeting said that Taliban recently announced spring offensive, but they will fail this year again.

Taliban and other related terrorist groups annually accelerate their insurgency activities within the country on spring season and usually Taliban announce their spring offensive and assign goals, but in the past decade they failed to gain the objective. As experienced Taliban by announcing spring offensive only have targeted schools, mosques, public areas and highways, where mostly killed innocent Afghans including women and children across the country.

“Taliban will be failure as past years at the current year,” said CEO Abdullah Abdullah.

He said that this is not the first time that Taliban announce offensive against the Afghan people. They have announced often spring offensive  in the past years and killed innocent Afghans.

Spring offensive announcement by Taliban is against the will of the Afghan people and can only serve the foreign interests on the Afghan soil, he added.

Announcement of summer offensive by Taliban is a sign that they still believe in war and have no intentions for peace, he claimed.

I would like to assure our people that their heroic security forces won’t only protect them but, destroy their enemies as well as will foster ways to reach to peace

Meanwhile pointing to the hosting of delegation of Pakistan Parliament yesterday, CEO said that we have discussed the improvement of mutual respect and relations.



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