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Taliban’s senselessness

Skirmishes between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in Kajaki area have caused disruption of energy supply to the southern Helmand and Kandahar provinces. It means militancy not only create terror in the society, inflict unbearable damages in men but also in material. When the nation is eagerly waiting for the moment to see militancy off and peace coming in through dialogues, the Taliban’s attack in Kajaki not only seems senseless but also bares the cruel and cunning face of the Taliban. The Taliban have repeatedly attacked dams, bridges, schools and other projects that benefit civilians, and despite that they call themselves to be the true representatives of the nation. If it’s not insanity then what it is? If it’s not hypocrisy then what it is? Could anybody from their ranks tell the nation that a killer could be called a messiah? It is the Taliban’s senselessness that’s behind the poor state of energy resources and utilization in the country. Should they shun violence, discard attacking bridges, schools and dams and the next day there will be a new dawn—the dawn of hope and peace. But, extremely unfortunately they are not masters of their own as they are under someone else’s thumb. They epitomize bondage. Though, our history is replete with freedom struggles and instances that none has made slaves of Afghans by force, but our recent history is, unfortunately, replete with shameful instances of slavery. This slavery is so complex that the Taliban don’t see the chains in their feet, but yes they are fettered. They dance to the tunes of their foreign lords. And in the extremes of their slavery, they cannot defy the dictates coming from across Afghan frontiers. They have become totally hollow-headed. Their anger could be against policies and a few men in the corridor of power, but why their anger should fall on hospitals, schools and even graveyards, children and women. They have exhumed dead bodies and punished them. If it is not psychotic tremors then what it should be called? They have become the very symbol of terror and barbarism. The nation has already rejected their war and senselessness. The only viable path that remains is the road of peace. They shouldn’t hesitate from taking this road. The sooner they shun violence and initiate meaningful peace negotiations the sooner this nation will get rid of bloodshed, terror and irreparable losses in men and material. The Taliban have nothing to boast for except the bleached bones of the nation. Their history is cluttered with the mayhem, chaos and decimation of innocent civilians—including those who rejected their war and those tacit supporters. They have always been seen in the despicable mood of defeating and humiliating this nation instead of fighting for freedom. At such a juncture what should be the priority of the government? Peace talks at any cost or negotiations with some conditions including truce or at least an end to Taliban’s attacks on bridges, hospitals, clinics, schools and dams. From civilians’ outlook, truce and an end to the attacks on civilians’ properties and lives should be a precondition.


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