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Taliban’s violence shatters Afghan hopes toward peace

Time has come for the Taliban to renounce violence and enter the peace process genuinely

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KABUL: The Taliban group has failed to reduce violence and continued with their orgiastic killing of the Afghan civilians with unrelenting attacks against the Afghan security forces in the recent wave of sadism that has shattered the hopes of the Afghan masses and the international community toward the peace process.

“An escalation in the Taliban’s recent attacks has severely smashed hopes of the Afghan masses to smithereens for the start of the intra-Afghan talks and peace in the country,” Presidential Palace Spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi said on Sunday.

Their (Taliban) violent behaviors have also aggravated the international community with less hope now for the start of the Afghan-to-Afghan negotiations.

“Recent wave of Taliban violence in cities, attacks on the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, roadside mines and the target killing of government staffers have cracked hopes for the start of intra-Afghan talks,” he added.

The unscrupulous war has been continuing despite the US-Taliban peace deal that obligates the group to reduce violence that failed to do so.

According to the deal, the Taliban will not attack the Afghan security forces in rural checkpoints, definitely not to attack international forces, and also not to attack Afghan forces in cities or military installations.

The Taliban had said that these limits are not included in the peace deal with the US, but the Afghan government sees reduction in violence as a key dot to enter the talks with the belligerent group.  

The National Security Council had earlier accused the Taliban of misusing the three days ceasefire during Eid-al Fitr and pushing with their violent attacks. The Afghan security forces upheld the ceasefire agreement and preserved their defense position. But the Taliban did not reduce violence and continued with their orgiastic killing of Afghan civilians, according to the NSC.

At least 23 civilians were killed and 45 others were wounded in the violence Taliban committed across 11 provinces in the past one week, the NSC said on Saturday.

“Taliban continue to take the lives of civilians by deliberately attacking them,” NSC Spokesman, Javid Faisal said.

“This past week, Taliban insurgents killed 23, including women and children, and wounded 45 others in 16 provinces,” Faisal said. This violent phase of attacks on civilians can only deteriorate the already shaken trust on the will of the Taliban, he added.

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