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Talk with Mujahideen if not govt: Ismail Khan tells Taliban

AT News Report-KABUL: Mohammad Ismail Khan, a former Jihadi leader and former Herat governor, on Thursday invited anti-government armed groups to hold talks with Mujahideens.

Speaking at a gathering in Herat, Ismail Khan said that if anti-government groups do not negotiate with the government, then they must start face to face talks with the Mujahideen to find a solution to the ongoing chaos in the country.

He said that war is not the solution for ending the crisis.

“I call on government oppositions, if you cannot talk with government, come and sit for a deal with the great family of jihad and find a solution that will actually bring an Islamic system,” said Ismail Khan.

This come after the Taliban wrote a letter to Washington last month to begin talks.

President Ashraf Ghani later offered recognition of the Taliban as a legitimate political group as part of a proposed process he said could lead to talks, but so far the Taliban had not responded to government’s offer.

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