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Teachers’ salaries allocated for election budget

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KABUL: Billions of Afs from the teachers’ payment was allocated for the presidential election budget, a member of parliament alleged.

MP, Nahid Farid said Monday that the money of other educational programs like purchasing of text books and school building projects were also misused for the electoral budget.“When we probe the government’s mid-year budget, we see shocking issues as there are many changes in the principle and text of the budget that ignores important projects,” she said.
She added that tens of projects in the ministry of education were left incomplete.

She advised the government to stop elections when it is unable to make budget, because nobody has the right of misusing teachers’ salaries.
Ghoalm Farooq Majrooh, another member of parliament, said that the money of 156 development projects in several ministries were allocated to the election budget and the respective ministries were not aware.
He said it would be a stigma for the parliament if the finance ministry did not clarify about the misuse.
Another Lawmaker, Khaled Assad, asked his colleagues to let the government provide electoral budget if they want the election be held.

But the critic lawmakers said the government reduces education money, instead of supporting it more, which is a betrayal.
They called on the government to provide electoral budget from other sources and it was not allowed to use money from development projects.

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