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Teachers’ township: Millions of money embezzled

AT News Report-KABUL: Around 90 million Afs allocated for a teachers’ township in Herat province were embezzled, provincial officials confirmed.

Separately, 1,500 acres of lands allocated for the township was grabbed, said Jilani Farah, provincial spokesman.

“The lands have been distributed to the persons who are not teachers and do not deserve,” Farhad said, adding that some high-ranking officials of education department who are wealthy and have homes, have grabbed the lands.

Abdul Razzaq Ahmadi, an education official in Herat, admitted the “big corruption” in distributing the lands, asking the judicial organs to prosecute the matter.

Officials said that the teachers’ township in Herat has 5,000 acres land, but only 3,500 acres have been distributed to the teachers.



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